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A List of Films which Will Make You Want to Visit Their Real Movie Locations

Many times we see something on TV or the internet for the first time and wonder how it is possible that we didn't know it even existed till that very moment... For me, the same thing goes with travel destinations. I might have heard of some amazing spots worth seeing but I don't pay much attention till the moment I see some pictures, a movie, a documentary.

Therefore I decided to put together a short list of my all-time favorite movies that inspired me to start digging more information about those places, check flight prices, food options, accommodation and put them on my travel bucket list.

Good Year

Russel Crowe plays a London based stock broker. His favorite uncle passes away and leaves him a chateau and a vineyards in the South of France. At the beginning he plans to sell the property as fast as possible but soon he changes his plans. He falls in love with a French girl (Marion Cottillard), the breathtaking countryside and discovers the beauty of laid-back lifestyle.

A must-see movie for everyone, with beautiful shots of Southern France scenery. I love it and since I have watched the movie, me and my husband visit the region almost every year.


A chronicle of a 1,100 miles hike undertaken by Cheryl Strayed (wonderful role of Reese Witherspoon) along the Pacific Crest Trail to help her cope with the death of her mother and the dissolution of her marriage. She has no hiking experience but it doesn’t stop her from taking up the challenge.

I was amazed by the stunning scenery, as she crosses the Mojave Desert in California, mountainous terrain covered with snow and muddy trails running deep through the forests. Inspired by the movie, we decided to visit some of the places driving down from California, Oregon, Washington state up to the Canadian border. I can recommend it to anyone who has two weeks or more of vacation, in order to have enough time to see some of the beautiful spots along the route.

Before sunrise

A French student (played by Julie Delpy) and an American tourist Jesse (played by Ethan Hawke) meet by coincidence on a train from Budapest to Vienna. Attracted by each other, they decide to spend a night in Vienna where the following morning he has a flight back to the States.

The movie shows the unknown beauty of the Austrian capital – its grand architecture, unique character and variety of things to do and see as they walk through the city by night.

Even though I live not far from Vienna, I haven’t been there yet. But since that movie, it is on the top of my list for city breaks, especially as many of my friends who have been there confirm that that they fell in love with Vienna. I am excited to have finally made plans to visit the capital this summer.

Lost in Translation

Two total strangers visiting Tokyo meet each other - Charlotte, a wife of a photographer who accompanies him on his business trip to the city and Bob - an older actor undergoing a midlife crises, who arrives to Tokyo for a whiskey commercial shoot.

These two lonely souls, somehow, bond together and explore Japanese nightlife and the country’s culture, which is so much different than the American one.

This melancholic, yet a romantic movie in a way reveals some of Japanese culture and give a very good overview of Tokyo. It is a very successful commercial for those who are still wondering if they should go to Japan or not. For me, Tokyo is definitely on a list of places I would like to explore in the near future.

Sex and the City

It tells the story of four friends, who happen to be single women living in New York. They live a glamorous life filled with all kinds of stereotypes about rich American living in Big Apple. Champagne for lunch, shopping tours to Manolo Blahnik shoe shops and visits to countless cocktail parties thrown by some of their rich friends.

This movie perfectly captures the city that never sleeps - it’s undescribed magic and uniqueness that made so many people fall in love it. I am also “a victim” of its undoubtful charm. I visited NYC many times, have worked there during my summer holidays as a student and have never been bored with it. What’s more, I love it more than I have at first sight. It is a place that everyone should visit, especially as it has so much to offer in terms of cultural events, culinary highlights and shopping.

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