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Don't ready this unless you're 100% open-minded and outgoing!

Finding new friends after you’ve moved to a new city is not easy. It takes time. I’ve been in Vancouver for over half a year and I can definitely say that I now have a growing network of friends. Based on my own experience, here are my 7 tips on how to meet new people in Vancouver.

    1. Join a Urban Rec Team

    2. Urban Rec is the largest sport & social club in Western Canada. The Urban Rec Leagues are all about being active, being social, and having fun.

      Its about having a good time (i.e. some teams will drink beers during or after games), meeting people and playing sports you love with like minded friends!

      For more info, click here.


    3. Join a Sport Team

    4. Sports are always a great way to socialize. Theres so many sports teams and leagues in Vancouver, you really have something to chose from!

      I joined a team from the Metro Women’s Soccer League (go to the tab Classifieds to look for team posts). Other sports also all have their own leagues and Facebook pages.

      You might have to go to a few tryouts before finding the right team, but its worth it. Youll have a ton of great, new friends in Vancouver sooner than you think!


    5. Monthly Membership at Community Centres

    6. Metro Vancouver has a large network of public facilities. From indoor pools to outdoor golf courses, fitness centres to skateboard parks, there is something for you! The 24 community centers feature gyms and some also have swimming pools. They offer a broad range of activities, such as dance, fitness, boxing and more. Click here for more info.


    7. Social Community Networks

    8. Internations is a social network for expats and young professionals from all over the world. There are various groups you can join such as language, brunch, professional networking groups etc.

      Couchsurfing is a social network focused on traveling, cultural and language exchange. Its available in many cities around the world including Vancouver. Both networks hold weekly or monthly events which are a great opportunity to meet others!

    9. Meetup

    10. Meetup [dot] com is an online platform which allows you to join local groups depending on interest, such as careers, politics, books, games, movies, health, pets or other hobbies.

      Each group hosts events regularly, for example there's a Saturday Morning Beginners / Intermediate Tennis Group where a small group of people play together on public courts. Hiking groups discover the nearby mountains on day and multi-day hikes.


    11. Facebook Groups

    12. As most of us are daily Facebook users, joining local interest groups for Vancouver is another easy way to meet new friends.

      Examples are: “iHike Vancouver” or “VPOL Vancouver Polish Outdoor Lovers”. Many people frequently post e.g. when they plan to do a hike and have spots available in their car for others to join them.


    13. Be Open-minded

    14. Meeting new friends in Vancouver and anywhere else requires being open-minded and outgoing. You will not meet others by standing in the corner at an event, but by speaking up, showing interest and asking questions.

      During my first 7 months in Vancouver, I attended many events. I found that on average each event can bring you a few acquaintances and one friend.

      It requires months to get to know one another, but youll find that with time youll be bonding and creating great friendships!

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