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A Fascinating Journey Through Car History

We visited Stuttgart this summer during our recent trip to Germany. The Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart was on top of our sightseeing list, as we love cars. A visit to this automobile museum will take you on a journey through more than 125 years of fascinating car history.

About Stuttgart City

The city of Stuttgart is not especially big, it has around 600,000 citizens. What makes it big however are the people living in it’s surroundings. According to Wikipedia, there are 2.7 million people living is Stuttgart’s administrative region and another 5.3 million people in its’ metropolitan area.

Wow, this is huge for European standards! You would ask, why do so many people live here? The answer is simple, the city is very rich and economically strong.

According to various rankings held by consulting firms, Stuttgart is listed as one of the cities with best quality of living. It is a headquarter of, among others, Bosch, Daimler AG, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.

The Museum Building

The building of the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart was designed by UN Studio and is an architectural masterpiece. It looks like a larger version of the Guggenheim Museum. Once you’re here, you will see that the museum is based on the shape of a cloverleaf with three overlapping circles with the center removed. This forms a triangular atrium, which resembles the shape of a Wankel engine.

Visiting the Mercedes Benz Museum

After entering, you will take an elevator to the eighth floor and start a downward spiral walk. You will learn about the history of automobiles and Mercedes Benz, embedded with elements of the world's history.

The top floor features the history of the first motorized car. Here, you will soon learn that the automobile was not an American, but a German invention. Karl Benz, a German, received the patent for his first car 125 years ago, in 1886.

As you proceed down from the top floor, the exhibits focus on particular decades or categories of vehicles, such as race cars, truck and buses.

Between each floor on the circular walkways, you will see photos of historical events, that occurred in the same time as the car productions.

In my opinion, the Mercedes Benz Museum is a worth every cent of those 10 Euros that you pay for the entrance. A great place to visit even during the summer time when places like this gets crowded. Even though there have been many people buying the tickets, the museum does not give the impression of being crowded. There is a coffee place down by the entrance, where you can grab something to eat on the way in or out.

Museum Pricing and Info

The Mercedes Benz Museum entrance fee is only 10 Euro. For eight floors and 16,500 square meters filled with 160 vehicles and over 1 5000 of exhibits, this seems to be very reasonable price. For 15 Euro, you can book a 2-hour-long guided tour.
For more information on prices and dates, go to the museum’s webpage.

The museum has signs in both German and English. Additionally, you can pick a headset with various languages by the entrance. By this way, you can deep-dive into any section of your interest. You can take pictures everywhere is the museum. However, sitting or touching the cars is not allowed.

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