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Our impression from a Quick Day Stop to the City

Last summer we decided to visit our friends in Switzerland. It is about a 10 hours’ drive from Wroclaw in Poland. We didn’t want to kill ourselves with such a long ride and therefore were decided to stay overnight somewhere along the way. We were looking for a fun and interesting place and Regensburg seemed to be a perfect match. The city is more or less halfway between Wroclaw and Zurich and is among the top sights and travel attractions in Germany.

Where to Stay

I always like to stay in an Accor chain hotel, whether it’s the fairly cheap Ibis Budget, Ibis Styles, Mercure or the more expensive ones such as Novotel and Pullman. So I searched for some good offers in Regensburg on their website and found a good deal at Ibis Styles. It was 90 euro for the two of us including breakfast.

The hotel is also conveniently located. It is within walking distance from the city center, though not too close. Why do I care you may ask. The answer is simple: the parking price for the car can sometimes be almost half of the price of a room, especially at hotels near a shopping street or a main tourist attraction. While here we paid around 10 euro per night.

The city has 140,000 inhabitants and therefore small enough to visit the main sights within a day. We didn’t have big plans for what we would like to do, but sometimes that works just best for us. We usually don’t visit many tourist spots, but rather focus on food, architecture, people and the general ambience.

So what is Regensburg like?

I felt as if I was in a medium sized French city rather than a German town. Regensburg is also very well maintained and clean. Buildings seems to be recently refurbished or just in a process of doing so. There are many narrow streets which are full of fancy boutique stores, small restaurants and cafes.

People are very well dressed and seem to be well-off. Just a perfect picture of a perfect town. If it’s true –  it’s hard to say, but from our short experience it seems like a great place to live.

What to see

Regensburg owns the largest medieval old town north of the Alps. It luckily suffered only little damage during World War II. Its city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • St Peter’s Cathedral. Built in 1275, it took almost 600 years to complete. This a must-see for lovers of gothic architecture with stunning kaleidoscopic stained-glass windows and an opulent, silver-sheathed main altar.
  • The Stone Bridge is a masterpiece of medieval construction and a symbol of the city. For more than 800 years, until the 20th century, it was the city’s only fortified crossing of the river Danube.
  • Golf Museum. It is a surprise to find a golf museum in this Bavarian city, but it is worth a visit. It has a delightful accumulation of golfing objects and shows some fascinating examples of the earliest equipment used in the game as well as the history of how the game evolved over the course of time.

Where to eat

This time we didn’t have enough time to stop and eat at a proper restaurant, as we were on our way to Zurich. But the city definitely has an amazing offer of some small supermarkets with a great variety of fresh and organic products.

We went to REWE City supermarket and picked some freshly prepared salads and tuna sandwiches served in pita bread. It was prepared by Brunner Baeker, which is a bakery just inside the market itself. Those sandwiches were so amazing, that we were even considering to make a stop on our way back from Zurich to have them again!

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