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A Compilation Of Ideas For Your One Day Trip To Bavaria's Capital

Mercer Quality of Living Survey ranks 221 cities around the globe on quality of life which is defined as life satisfaction, including everything from physical health, family, education, employment, wealth, religious beliefs, finance and the environment. Munich is ranked #1 in Germany and #4 worldwide since 2012. This capital city of Bavaria is a major center of innovation, business, finance, culture and tourism and therefore a great place to visit.

Me and my husband have been to Munich a few times for a day or two in the past years. I have to admit, there is so much this city has to offer that it is really hard to decide upon what to put on a „to do list”. To help you with your future decision  on what to see in Munich, I have put together a list of things which I enjoyed the most.

Places worth seeing


It is the main city square filled with architectural wonders. You will find a New City Hall on the north side of the square, and the Old City Hall on the east side. The main attraction though, is Glockenspiel - a central spire of the New City Hall which consists of 43 bells and 32 figurines. Every day at 11 am, 12 pm and 5 pm in the summer, the figurines perform two stories from the 16th centuries: the story of the marriage between the local Duke Wilhelm V and Renata of Lorraine, and the coopers' dance.

The square is also a transportation hub with the metro (U-Bahn) and rail rapid transit (S-Bahn) located beneath it.


The Palace is located outside of the city center, but in a very convenient location. Tram no. 17 can take you from the city center to this peaceful surrounding in less than half an hour.

The architecture of this summer residence of the Bavarian royalty is just extraordinary. You can spend a whole day visiting all the different thematic museums located inside the palace. Start with the Carriage House in the south wing with an amazing collection of coaches, and continue over to the Porcelain Factory and the Museum of Man and Nature which are located in the north wing of the building.

What I enjoyed the most though, was the 200-hectare (490-acre) large park where you can watch people jog, cycle or drink their coffee in Schlosscafé im Palmenhaus, which is located in the Palm House in the palace park.


The museum is a tribute to one of the world's most famous car companies which originate from Bavaria and of which the Bavarians are as proud of as of their great beer.

But in my opinion, you don't have to be a BMW fan or even love cars to enjoy this place. You will get to see the entire history of BMW cars and motorcycles, but not in a boring way. Different exhibits will tell you the production story of the vehicle which was often connected to the geopolitical situation in the world's history.  It gives you some insides to why the car was made in a certain way, and why people eventually preferred a certain car model over another.

As you advance in the museum, you also advance in time. From the humble beginnings some 100 years ago (as an aircraft-engine manufacturer) up until now and the future, with car models presented that have not even been released yet.

The cost of a single admission is 10 euros, but make sure to get into a guided tour which will give you some more insights behind the scene insights. Those tours should be booked in advance as they sell out really fast.  There are different types of tours available, therefore make sure you choose the one that suits you best and is available at a given time. More information can be found here.

Where to eat

MyMuesli (Viktualienmarkt 7, Altstadt)

Situated in the city center, this is a perfect place to rest. You can have a coffee and a bowl of muesli. You can choose between a great variety of flavors and have them mixed for you on spot. If you wish, you can also buy a package of muesli to take home with you. My personal favorite is a bowl of hot porridge (also different kinds available to choose from). What is more, you can enjoy your breakfast/ snack sitting outside watching the Viktualienmarkt, which is a popular daily food market with 140 stalls selling flowers, fruit, poultry, fish, spices and so on…

Steinheil16 (Steinheilstraße 16, Maxvorstadt)

Germany along with Austria and Poland, is a big fan of schnitzel - pork meat coated in flour, beaten eggs and bread crumbs. In Bavaria the schnitzel is also very popular, mainly served with French fries or mashed potato. Of course beer has to be served on the side...

Steinheil 16 claims to prepare, already since 20 years, the best and biggest Schnitzel in the city. Please see the photo below and let me know if you don’t agree:) It is really hard to eat the whole thing on your own, but I have seen people who have done it. Not to mention that on the side they drank two or three mugs of Augustiner beer served in the restaurant. So, if you should feel really hungry and would like to eat something genuine local – this is the place for you!

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