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A Perfect Afternoon for Food Lovers

Topacz Castle (Zamek Topacz) is located in Sleza, which is only a 25 minute drive away from Wroclaw city center and 2 km from the A4 highway.  


History of Topacz Castle

Originally it was a gothic defensive-residential tower constructed in the 14th century by the Templars to ensure the safety of the transported merchants.

Over the next centuries it has been expanded by its owners who mainly belonged to German aristocracy. Luckily, during the Second World War the castle did not suffer any major destructions.

Unfortunately the state who owned the property after the war did not have a plan for what to do with it, therefore the place served various purposes (such as educational care facility).

Finally, in 2002, the property was bought by the Kurzewski family (owners of ATM Grup S.A., the largest independent TV producer in Poland). They renovated it and created an luxurious hotel and conference facility with a 50 hectares park surrounding it.

Castle Topacz Activities

We visited the castle for the first time during our friend’s wedding, but didn’t have the time to explore the whole area. Therefore, we decide to come back here on a wonderful summer afternoon, which was just a few days ago. 

First, we wanted to see what the 50-hectares-large area has to offer. I have to say - it’s a lot!

There is a beautiful hotel with a spa facility, two restaurants (Zamek Topacz and Spichlerz), 5 conference/event facilities, a motorisation museum with over 100 vintage cars of Polish production, as well as the biggest collection of Rolls Royce & Bentley. Also, you will find here a 240-meter long driving range and two indoor tennis courts!

Last but not least, there is a big lake just next to the hotel with a beautiful walking path around it and some kayaks to rent if you would feel like taking a short paddle across the lake.

From what we’ve seen, a lot of people come here just to enjoy their time by having picnics or walking their dogs. Some couples come here for wedding photo shoots. And then there are people like us, who combine a weekend stroll with a visit to the restaurant…


Our Restaurant Experiences

The Spichlerz Restaurant is run by a young chef, Krzysztof Obliński, who interprets Polish cuisine in a new fresh way.

Zamek Topacz restaurant is run by Rafał Borys, who gained his culinary experience in Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants and the Brasserie Roux. According to their website, he is regularly undertaking internships in Michelin-star-awarded restaurants.

We booked a table at Zamek Topacz Restaurant and decided to take the tasting menu which consisted of 5 dishes and costed 139 PLN per person (around 32 euro). The restaurant is located in the main building of Topacz Castle by the hotel. There are some tables inside and a big, beautiful terrace overlooking the lake with quite a large, hidden playground for kids.


Zamek Topacz Restaurant

We decided to eat outside since the weather was great, and it was smart of us to have made a reservation, as almost all tables were taken by 6 pm, which was when we arrived.

At the beginning we were asked if there are some products we don’t like or don’t eat to which I said that I don’t like offal. We were served with water and drinks in no time.

A few minutes later we got an amuse bouche, a small appetizer which cannot be ordered from a menu but is served free of charge, offering a glimpse into the chef's approach to the art of cuisine.

It was some sort of cottage cheese with fine chopped tomatoes, olive oil and fresh herbs. The various tastes combined together were just incredible. I loved it a lot.

First Starter

Then we got our first starter which was a beef carpaccio with mustard ice cream (!), truffle dressing, kohlrabi,rocket, parmigiano Reggiano. Just amazing.

I am not a big fan of raw meat and eat it rarely, but this one – I could eat it over and over again.

Second Starter
The second starter was our waitress’s favorite, as she told us. It was a homemade ravioli dish with parmesan, truffle caviar, baby courgette and tomato confit. Again, for me it was another piece of fine art that I ate with great pleasure.

I must admit, that for me, the culinary abilities of a chef are mainly recognized in the starters, as those are usually more unique in flavors.

First Main Course
For the first main course at Zapek Topacz Restaurant, we were served Cod with samphire, burbot cheeks, lentils, broccoli, tomatoes and green peas. The portion, I am not sure, but in my opinion it were almost as big as normal ones, so I was not able to eat even half of each of the main courses.

This dish was lovely as well, but I am not a big fan of lentils and green peas, so it was not much of my taste.

Second Main Course
For the second main course ( I was already really, really full), we got a dish combining lamb loin, green peas, mint, shallot, celery, chorizo and polenta.

I don’t like lamb that much as other varieties of meat, but this dish was to die for and except for the polenta and green peas, I almost ate all of it.

Pre-Dessert & Dessert

Before the dessert, we were served a pre dessert, which was another pleasant surprise this evening. It was a refreshing raspberry panna cotta. For the main dessert at Zamek Topacz Restaurant, we had caramel soufflé with berry ice-cream and some berry crumble.

Wow, I guess next time, I will need to prepare for this restaurant visit beforehand and stop eating a day before!

I have to say, I loved it, I loved it and yes, I loved it again?  

The food was delicious, the service not pretentious, yet very helpful and to our surprise some homemade sweets were served with our bill. We were really impressed with how much the cook thinks about making his guests really satisfied with the food he serves.

We will for sure come back to Topacz Castle, and listening in on other guests surrounding us, we will not be the only one’s.

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