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working holiday job in vancouver

Coming to Canada on a Working Holiday Visa and need a job? Here are my tips on how to find a working holiday job in Vancouver FAST.

Topacz Castle

The castle Topacz lies only 30 minutes away from the center of Wroclaw. It has everything you need to spend a perfect afternoon. A spa, a tennis court, a driving range, two amazing restaurants and a beautiful lake where you could stroll around for hours enjoying the beautiful park.

West Coast Trail

The West Coast Trail is one of the best hikes in the world. It’s fascinating 75 kilometer backcountry hiking adventure through thick, old rainforest…

Bastei Bridge

Bastei in Saxon Swizerland

Some useful travel planning tips about Saxon Switzerland National Park and the Bastei Bridge.

Dresden City Center

We enjoyed a wonderful long weekend in Dresden. Read this article for travel planning tips, activities and sights in Dresden and its surroundings.

Cycling in Western China

A fascinating adventure a great way to discover the country! Here are tips on planning and cycling in Western China, based on my experience.