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We are two sisters from Poland, who share the same passion for exploring the world and its diversity. We’ve traveled to over 40 countries, lived and worked on three continents, learned multiple languages, tasted local specialties, biked, hitchhiked, and made lifelong friends along the way.

Through our stories and travel tips, we want to inspire you to travel the world and discover new places, cultures and gain new life experiences.


Graduated from law school, currently working in Internal Audit at a global financial institution.
She's an animal lover and activist of animal rights protection.
Together with her husband, she loves to travel along culinary routes.


With a degree in International Economics and Chinese Studies, currently working as a freelance translator and tour guide.

She started travling at the age of 19, when she went on the Trans-Siberian Railway through Russia and hitchhiked to Mongolia. She can tell you all about traveling on a budget.

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