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Coming to Canada on a Working Holiday Visa and need a job? Here are my tips on how to find a Working Holiday job in Vancouver FAST.

Got a Working Holiday Visa to Canada? Great! Decided to move to Vancouver? Great! Whether you're already here or arriving soon, one of the first things you probably want to do is applying for a Working Holiday job in Vancouver.

My first objective after getting a Working Holiday visa was finding a job in Vancouver Canada. I started applying for jobs already before coming to the country. I quickly realised that without physically being in here, a local phone number and address, employers were not interested in my applications.

I landed my first part-time job after 2 weeks and a job in my professional field after 4 and a half months. Based on my job search experience, here are some effective ways and my advice on finding a professional and/or working holiday job in Vancouver Canada.

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First Things First - Your Resume

North American resume standards are very different from those in Europe. I used this website to create a Canadian resume. Whether it's a Working Holiday job in Vancouver or a professional job, your resume is the key to landing you a job, so make sure its written in proper English. Have it proofread by a native English speaker.

Canadian value social and voluntary work greatly, think back to any volunteering work that you have done in the past and put it into your resume. State your achievements for each role, not only the duties.

Finding a Working Holiday job in Vancouver Canada as a foreigner is definitely not easy. It takes time, effort and a lot of willpower, but eventually you will succeed.

Finding a part-time job

Thinking of a part-time Working Holiday job in Vancouver? The service industry (restaurants, shops, golf courses etc.) is probably your easiest bet. 

Door-to-door system

The most effective way of finding a working holiday job in Vancouver in the service industry is to print out 10-15 copies of your CV on nice paper and just hit the streets. You can start near to where you live or just go to a busy district, such as Downtown, Main Street or 4th Avenue.

Either way, just walk into the restaurant/shop and ask for the manager on duty. Tell them you are looking for a job and would like to drop off your resume. Sometimes, if the manager has some free time, they will invite you for an interview right away!

Persistence drive success.

I go by the 10-3-1 rule: ten prospects (applications), three opportunities (interviews), one close (landed job)! This is how I found my first job in Vancouver.

Online search

Another option is applying for positions posted online., and are three good websites to start your job search online.

Finding a professional job


Update your LinkedIn right-away and start networking! This is how it’s done here. The local job market is very competitive with many skilled young professionals. So networking and asking around random people is important.
Join Internations and other local meetup groups and start making new friends.

Recruitment companies

The most effective way, in my opinion, to finding a job in Vancouver Canada in a professional field is to contact local recruiters.
Search for recruiters in Vancouverthrough LinkedIn or google recruitment companies in Vancouverand start calling them and sending messages. Many recruiters focus on specific fields, such as finance or IT jobs, so it is important to talk to the right recruiter, depending on your profession.

I found my first professional job in Canada through Goldbeck Recruiting and I can highly recommend them.

Usually a recruiter will set up a phone call and ask you about your previous work experience, skills and career plans. Some recruiters will have fees for coachingand job search support, but if you feel strong and can do the interview preparations on your own, Id recommend to look for those who will not charge you anything. These companies usually charge the employer for the recruitment service.

Getting to know the local job market

There are many local job fairs in Vancouver each month. While I dont think its an effective job search method, it is still good to go to one or two.

You can learn more about the local job market, talk to different company representative and learn about their requirements. You will also see how other job hunters dress and act.


Finally, it is important to prepare for interviews.
I found that small talk is very valued here, as is smiling and showing great confidence. Try and go to as many job interviews as possible, to practise your presentation skills. Prepare a short personal introduction and answers to questions you think might pop up during an interview.
Good Luck!

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