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Our Week Spent on This Beautiful Tanzanian Island

We spent the second week of our honeymoon on the beautiful island of Zanzibar. We chose a beachfront accommodation in Paje. This sleepy fishermen village, in the southeastern part of the island, is located on a beautiful strip of seashore and is also a famous kite surfing site.

How to get there?

Paje can be reached from Stone Town in 30-40 minutes by car, motorbike, or dala-dala no. 309 (which is the cheapest option). If you’re coming from the Zanzibar Airport, you can take a minibus. Cost is around $60 per ride.


We stayed at Kilima Kidogo Guest House which is run by Mark and Dina from South Africa. Our room was located in the main building with a view on the ocean. There were no glass windows, only a mosquito net, which was cool but weird at the same time (for someone coming from Europe). We could hear the noise of gentle waves clashing against the seashore all the time. The water in the ocean was crystal clear, a bit greenish and very warm (it looked much better than on the pictures).

At the time of our stay, there were almost no other tourist at the guesthouse and in the area around. There were times when we felt like the beach belonged only to us… We did not do a lot of activities offered on the island, but mostly spent time sunbathing, lying on the beach and doing long walks along the coast. The horizon was filled with kite surfers who love coming here due to the windy weather conditions.

The evenings on the beach on the other hand, were dedicated to some serious football. Local men and some tourists played together and enjoyed a beer or two right afterwards.

What we definitely enjoyed a lot was a three hours snorkeling excursion organized by the hotel. You get picked up by a traditional fishing boat which takes you straight to the reef border where you can find some exotic aquatic species. If the water is low, which it was in our case, you can walk along the reef and explore the ocean floor.

In the evening we loved to have dinner at a hotel restaurant, drink a beer and watch hundreds of crabs come out of the ocean to explore the beach. A beautiful view and feeling, especially because these little living creatures were not much afraid of people and so we were able to get a really close look at them.